Follow Friday: Some of Jorden Haley’s amazing work for Prince of Cats.

Alt typography for Ronald Wimberly’s “Prince Of Cats” // out next fall from Vertigo Comics

The homie and world class artist, Jorden Haley aka Karbine Labor Industries aka Bird o Prey made some authorized tributes to Prince of Cats. Here’s the WIP. Jorden Haley is one of two assists (the other is another Pratt alumnis, Joe Comeau) I called in to help me color the book. Jorden’s done a lot of great work and I suggest you check out his tumblrrrr.
I really wanted to get Karbine to help design the book also, but you know how it is. …blood from turnips. 
Maybe next time.
There are a couple more fo these that Jorden pulled from his wicked imagination. I’ll post them a little later.

محيي الدين اللباد