A conversation on Redtails

I recently said roughly the following to a friend of mine about George Lucas' new Tuskegee Airmen project:
"I think a genuine problem is, from what I can tell, Lucas wanted to make a film about the most heroic fighters in WWII aviation. They just happened to be black. I think this is a hard sell. Yes, it's Lucas*. Yes, it's a period piece (WWII)**, but I just don't see a precedent*** for it. Even spike wasn't so audacious. Honestly.
I don't think it's going to merit my time, honestly, but the principle merits my money."
*referring to my distrust of Lucas' creative choices
**referring to the down trend in WWII period pieces
***referring to the lack of big budget films with a large black cast put out by a major studio.
...so what do you think? Will you see it? Why or why not?