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MD flag is fireproof. It’s one of a handful of things I’ll defend about MD. Fall back!


“Maryland has the ugliest state flag ever. It’s hideous. It looks like a redneck got hold of a racing flag…”

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Also, who actually takes time to criticize state flags of all things? God forbid there be actual meanings to what is put on a flag. 

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She prolly from Virginia like shit

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“She prolly from Virginia like shit”

^^ cackling

Also our state sport is jousting.

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pffffff our flag is fuckin fine.  if you wanna make fun of something, look at our new default license plates.  now that’s hideous.

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It amuses me greatly that, on my queer-Muslim blog, this is the shit people are angry about.

Seriously, this is quite possibly my most reblogged original post ever. And why? Because two chicks from Maine think a state flag is aesthetically displeasing. I mean, it’s not even as though we’re talking about our country’s flag.

Although now that you mention it, stars and stripes? It’s like stripes and polka dots! And who does that?

And now (since I’ve finished trolling for the evening), let the misplaced outrage continue!

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I think we were trolling back at you? At least I was. It was all tongue-in-cheek. Do people really think this shit is serious?

Relax. I’m from Virginia.

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    MD flag is fireproof. It’s one of a handful of things I’ll defend about MD. Fall back!
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