Black Girl Nerds Takes On New York Comic-Con!


Black Girl Nerds Takes On New York Comic-Con!


Hello, fellow Black Girl Nerds. My name is Connie and I am Comic-Con virgin.As much as I’ve wanted to, I’ve never attended a comic book convention and this year I am going to New York Comic-Con on behalf of BGN and all of you! So, I need you to tell me: WHAT DO I DO? I am soliciting advice from all you pros out there to tell me how to handle my first con!

I’ve read articles on the convention…

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Godspeed ladies. You’re braver than I am.
…though I may be doing a couple panels. Who knows.

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Brooklyn, 1949.
By Ralph Morse


Art School consumption of graphic media:

Wow these proportions are so bad this artist is terrible how do they get work we should all redline these to show how much better we could do them if they hired people like us

Professional Life consumption of graphic media:

"Poor dude probably had to draw like eighty panels that day, I hope he didn’t have to spend his whole weekend doing weird revisions marketing came up with"

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Arm wrestling Harlem New York 1940
Photo: Andreas Feininger 

Radio Raheem

My two cents on Urbance, repost from twitter

@Justice4Mack:@RaynardFaux thoughts? I think it looks cool, personally.
‏@RaynardFaux:@Justice4Mack I'm torn. ...excited to see Indy animation succeed. Not into the idea though. Why a piece about gender that reinforces binary?
@RaynardFaux:@Justice4Mack ..."Urban" is often how black culture is re-branded/packaged for mass market (often by non-blacks). So the name throws me off.
@RaynardFaux:@Justice4Mack ...and I hope the staff reflects some of the diversity that the brand looks to leverage.
@RaynardFaux:@Justice4Mack not my type of hype. But different strokes different folks. I wish them the best.
...and I do.

Chuck Berry, Mobile, Alabama, 1964
Jean-Marie Périer
❝ I’m not angry, but I’m on the verge of tears. The trouble with me is that I can’t get angry. I wish that for once in my life I could really lose my temper, as I sometimes feel I have every right to. I think it would change my life.
Scenes from a Marriage, Dir. Ingmar Bergman (via wordsnquotes)

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